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Lars Peter Riishojgaard

Dr. Lars Peter Riishojgaard is the Director of the Global Greenhouse Gas Watch in the WMO Secretariat. He was previously the Director of the WIGOS Branch in WMO, where he led the development of the Unified WMO Data Policy and the Global Basic Observing Network (GBON). Prior to joining WMO, Dr. Riishojgaard worked on various NASA programs in the US for 18 years. His main areas of interests are numerical weather prediction, observational data impact and greenhouse gas monitoring. Dr. Riishojgaard’s background is mathematics and physics, and he holds a Ph.D in geophysics from the University of Copenhagen.


The WMO Global Greenhouse Gas Watch

The Global Greenhouse Gas Watch recently adopted by WMO Congress will establish sustained, routine monitoring of greenhouse gas concentrations and fluxes globally, based on atmospheric modeling and observations using established methodologies from weather prediction and climate monitoring. This will complement and supplement existing methodologies used to estimate emissions and help put mitigation steps taken by parties to the Paris Agreement on a solid scientific footing. A key element of the GGGW is a massive expansion of the surface-based greenhouse gas observing network to cover all parts of the globe – over land, ocean and aloft.