The World Meteorological Organization Infrastructure Commission (INFCOM) is pleased to invite you to participate in a Forum on Advancing the Environmental Sustainability of Observing Systems and Methods at Meteorological Technology World Expo in Geneva on October 3, 2023. This forum will provide a venue for industry representatives to showcase the latest developments in sustainable weather and climate observing systems and methods, and engage with each other and the broader user community to share and discuss opportunities and challenges to enhance sustainable outcomes.

The WMO has committed to addressing the environmental impact and sustainability of its systems and is in the process of developing recommendations for how to design, install, manage and operate observing networks in an environmentally sustainable fashion. The three-hour forum will focus primarily on meteorological (surface and upper air) and marine observational domains, and will kick off with stage-setting presentations, including the results and early recommendations from the WMO Survey and Virtual Workshop on the Environmental Sustainability of Observing Systems and Methods. A subsequent panel discussion with industry and INFCOM representatives will provide an opportunity for the former to respond to WMO member perspectives, and advance the dialogue on requirements and expectations for policy guidance. Finally, a series of flash talks will offer industry representatives the chance to highlight their work to reduce the environmental impacts of observing systems and methods.

Call for speakers

To put forward a proposal to participate, please submit a presentation title and 200-word synopsis, along with your name, company and contact details. The paper should highlight your company’s work/developments to reduce the environmental impacts of observing systems. Potential topics might include the use of biodegradable materials, approaches to mitigate impacts on wildlife, the use of renewable energy, remote monitoring methods, recovery solutions for instruments or observing methods that leave the station, and waste reduction. The proposed presentations will be reviewed and selected by WMO. The deadline for submission of flash talks is August 1, 2023

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