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Compactable and frangible AWOS tower with visibility sensor pole

SGS’s booth will display its frangible automated weather observation system (AWOS) tower with its full accessories and its visibility sensor pole. System integrators can see first-hand how it can be compacted to fit most of the sensors on the market.

Driven by its real-time motto of 3Qs – quality product, quality assurance and quality service, SGS Frangible ensures that all the frangible structures and products (ICAO-compliant frangible towers, AWOS masts, approach light masts, glide path masts, visibility sensor poles, landing direction indicators, frangible road holding lights, etc) it manufactures in its modern workshop are fully internationally compliant. It complies with all the quality standard operating procedures and guidelines with professionalism and expertise.

Authenticity and integrity are at the core of operations at SGS Frangible, ensuring the products it manufactures speak for themselves. SGS’s frangible towers have been successfully tested for full impact crash at Narnaul Airport, India, and the PMG Test and Research Centre in Quebec, Canada, by third-party inspection agency Intertek, as per the ICAO Guidelines Aerodrome Design Manual Part 6, Chapter 5 and US Department of Transportation, FAA Advisory Circular No. 150/5345-45C.

SGS Frangible induces high durability, frangibility and strength in its towers and masts through a manufacturing process that uses fiberglass composites with a resin blend to withstand high wind load and jet blast.

Booth: 7056

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