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Launch of new weather radar

At Meteorological Technology World Expo in Paris, IACIT will launch its RMT 0200, a cutting-edge weather radar that features double polarization with 100% solid-state transmission and is one of the most modern ever produced.

The RMT 0200 is an S-band weather radar developed for the detection of long-distance weather phenomena. It is capable of monitoring and predicting intense weather that may cause natural disasters. It has a transceiver based on software defined radio (SDR) technology and uses the nonlinear frequency modulation (NLFM).

The system also has exclusive technologies including a 100% solid-state transmission system (modulator and amplifier) that allows the application of pulse compression technology in the signal processing, thus reducing energy consumption, noise and electromagnetic pollution. The system has software packages specific to each application, including SWIM-enabled service bus (system-wide information management) and specific products for SWAP (severe weather avoidance plan). It also has software packages for a myriad of specific scenarios such as agriculture, hydrological analysis and civil defense.

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