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Class-leading pyranometers
EKO Instrument Europe

Designed for meteorological applications, scientific research and photovoltaic system performance monitoring, the S-Series range of pyranometers from Eko Instruments builds on over 90 years of experience to deliver industry and ISO 9060:2018 class-leading performance. From the elite MS-80S Class A, through the cost-effective MS-60S Class B and MS-40S Class C options, every S-Series pyranometer comes with a five-year warranty and the same unique four-channel digital and analog interface with SDI-12, plus internal diagnostics with tilt, roll and humidity sensors. Compatible with 95% of dataloggers, DAQ and SCADA systems, the S-Series also includes electromagnetic compatibility and surge protection, making it an accurate, reliable and robust family of pyranometers.

Also on show at Meteorological Technology World Expo 2021 will be the next-generation MS-21 pyrgeometer. It sets a new standard for meteorological measurement, with a revolutionary design that delivers thermal consistency, superior accuracy and unbeatable reliability.

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